Friday, 16 March 2012

Wood Engraving - up close and personal

Memories of Catalonia

wood engraving print (25cm x 20cm) from a limited edition of 6 prints
My wife and I recently visited our son and his family in Spain. They live in the small village of PuigdĂ lber which is about 20 miles from Barcelona. The dry Catalan landscape and richly textured buildings triggered a response from me in the form of this wood engraving... the largest wood engraving I've attempted so far (wood engravings are typically very small). Click on the image to see the print shown at life-size.
Here are some slightly enlarged details of the print as well as photographs of the work in progress:

print detail upper left 

print detail upper right

print detail lower left

print detail lower right

Some work in progress shots
Quick thumbnail sketches that were drawn in PuigdĂ lber along with the maple woodblock and wood engraving tools.

Some shots with fingers in order to provide a feeling for the scale of engraving that's underway.

The last stages of the engraving, the end is in sight. This block has taken the best part of eight days to engrave...

Pulling the first print is usually a heart-stopping occasion! You never quite know if it's all going to work out as envisaged. The overwhelming reaction (if things go to plan) is a profound sense of relief.
OK, the CPR Team can stand down now.