Saturday, 1 October 2011

It's a 3D world!

Well, 'stereoscopic' at the very least. That's if you're lucky enough to have two eyes in good working order at the moment. I do hope so. Even with two eyes, some of you are not going to be able to see the following images as they are meant to be seen. Sorry about that. You folks will need to consider the special viewing equipment advertised at the very end of this blog entry*.

If you're already used to using parallel vision or a free-view stereo technique then that's excellent! You are obviously a highly experienced superior being and probably pretty good looking too. You can jump this explanatory text (as you would normally do) and enjoy the pictures below in their full 3D glory!

So, you're still reading this text. That tells me that you might be wanting some tips about how to see these double images in 3D? First of all, be patient. It can take a little while for the double image to click into place and to be seen as one image. The main things that you need to know are:
1. Make sure that you're a comfortable distance from your computer monitor. Don't get too close.
2. The left image is for the left eye and right image is for the right eye.
3. Look into the screen allowing your eyes to stare through and beyond the two images.
4. You'll get a double-vision effect before the two images slide together and you then see a new 3D image in the middle.

The home run. Just look at that little fishy jump!

Today's catch.

Over the wall

Wash Day.

Over the hills and far away.

Anyway, let me know how you get on? If you have a genuine "ooh, ah!" moment with these pictures I'd love to know. If the images look odd with things in the wrong place then you might have ended up using cross-eye vision by accident! This is another stereo viewing technique but doesn't work with these parallel images!

*In the event that you simply couldn't get the 3D effect when looking at these double pictures, then please don't despair. Expert help is at hand. For an extremely reasonable price you can simply purchase:
Captain 3D's Professional Stereoscopic Viewing Apparatus

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