Monday, 5 September 2011

The Southend Illuminati

Enter a world of esoteric intrigue, metaphysical skulduggery and candy-floss.

You find yourself standing on the seafront at Southend-on-Sea on a typical summer's evening. The world-famous pleasure pier strides across dark waters on rusting iron legs. Behind you, the cryptically named 'Golden Mile' undulates along the esplanade like a pulsing electric hydra. It seduces day-trippers and other lost souls with hooded neon eyes. Promises of Fun, Jackpot Wins, Big Fluffy Toys and the Best Fish & Chips in Town are cunning traps set to ensnare the unwary. It is here, in the half light and amongst the shuffling crowds, that you'll see members of the Southend Illuminati going about their secret business. Be sure of one thing however, they will have certainly recognized you long before you ever see them...

'The Southend Illuminati' 
acrylics on mounted canvas (triptych 93cm x 30cm)

'The Magus' 
panel 1 (30cm x 30cm)

'The Assassin'
panel 2 (30cm x 30cm)

'The Trickster'
panel 3 (30cm x 30cm)

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