Sunday, 21 August 2011

My Life as a Tree

A distinctly arboreal theme this week!

As for most of the pictures displayed on this blog, click any of the images for a larger view...

'My Life as a Tree'
oils with digital paint/processing
A self-portrait that pretty much sums up my personal attachment to woods and forests...

'Belfairs Woods No.1'
acrylics on paper (34cm x 24cm)

'Belfairs Woods No.2'
acrylics on paper (34cm x 24cm)

'Belfairs Woods No.3'
acrylics on paper (34cm x 24cm)
The three paintings above are based on sketches that I did in a local wood. The very same woods that I spent almost all of my spare time romping around in with my two brothers when I was a child. We were really lucky to live very close to these woods and they had a profound effect upon the shaping of my imagination...

'The Apples of Avalon'
acrylics on wood panel (120cm x 120cm)
Definitely a good crop this year. Probably magic apples though so think carefully before picking one...

'Squirrel in the Oak'
acrylics on canvas 
In the woods there is usually someone keeping a close eye on you...

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