Monday, 25 July 2011

The whimsical landscape

'The Forest in the Shed' - inks & acrylics (diptych 38cm x 20cm)

Two more images from 'The Forest in the Shed' project, also in inks and acrylics:

The general theme of dereliction continues. I'm a real sucker for abandoned and ruined buildings(!)
'The Lost Palace' - acrylics on paper (40cm x 30cm) 

'Forgotten Chapel' - acrylics on paper (46cm x 30cm)

Ruins on a post-apocalyptic scale the shed. 
'The Badlands' - acrylics on paper (56cm x 38cm)

Back to dereliction on a slightly smaller scale.... 
'The House that broke its back' - acrylics on paper (30cm x 25cm)

Enough of ruined buildings for the moment... I promise.
'Graveyard Shift' - acrylics on paper (30cm x 25cm)

'The Great Escape' - inks & acrylics on paper (40cm x 30cm) 

'The Old Bicycle' - oils on paper (40cm x 30cm) 

OK, it must be time for another derelict building by now?
'bunnies of the living dead' - inks & acrylics on paper (40cm x 30cm)

Detail view from 'Bunnies of the living dead' courtesy of Bunnycam

All images copyright Manfred Hennessy. 
All rights reserved.


  1. Manfred
    Love the artwork, I "like it" on Facebook and added to my favorites.
    Since you have been there, A year ago I did some clean up on the Mountain behind the house in VT and found a old rusty tricyle. I set it on a rock. It reminds me conceptually alot of your "The Old Bicycle". I can send you pic to show you what I mean.
    Your always welcome back to VT anytime.

  2. I love how luminous your paintings are -- and even in dereliction! The Bunnycam is GREAT.

  3. Thank you Victoria, much appreciated. I'm glad that you enjoyed the view through the Bunnycam too.

  4. Isn't it just amazing how all the bosons, quarks and myriads of other subatomic particles ended up here in the shape of these pictures, let us thank the Big Bang for this whimsy and naturally for the artist too.

  5. Thank you Kind Sir. It never ceases to amaze me either!