Sunday, 3 July 2011

Take a sneak peek

If you enjoy looking at photographs of artist's studios and rooting about through other people's things then this blog entry is definitely for you!
Welcome to my new studio.
Spacious and tidy (for the moment).

Techno Corner 

The drawing board. Note the hair dryer, a very useful tool for drying paint quickly (!)

Easel City

The Paint Box. Can one have too much paint?

Another corner...

My mandos. Well just 2 of my many mandolins, a Breedlove and a Moon 10 string. It's a weakness OK?

 My previous studio (not much room). Not sure how that glass of wine got there, that's most unusual.

The artist contemplates the meaning of life whilst trying to remember where he put the screwdriver.

Still can't find it.

Even less room in this studio, the width was about 1.5 metres. Did the job though. Excuse the shorts.

Yep, well spotted. That's another hair dryer.

This is a corner of a loft studio that I had a few years ago. Great acoustics in there.

Before that it was a matter of using a corner of a bedroom. 

How may times do I have to tell you? Don't touch my stuff.

And finally, My Faithful Studio Companion: Hunny, the Maltipoo.

All images copyright Manfred Hennessy. 
All rights reserved.


  1. squeeeeeeeeee! I love everything about this post! Thanks for taking the time to do that. I feel inspired on several levels.

  2. Many thanks for your comment Victoria! Inspiration can be a rare gift, use it well ;0)

  3. I shall not squander. The sunshine does tell me so (been very very wet and grey this year until YESTERDAY!!!). Art and inspiration is like that sourdough starter. You keep giving it away and swapping but then it just keeps growing. Or stone soup. Yeah!