Sunday, 31 July 2011

The romance of the ruin

Continuing with a theme emerging from last week's blog entry: abandoned buildings. Here are a few more paintings that explore the romance of the ruin. I hope that you enjoy them.

As ever, for the detail-obsessed amongst you, most images can be enlarged by clicking on the picture ;0)

'Ruin' - acrylics on wood panel (61cm x 58cm) 
Not the most imaginative title, but it's to the point. An imagined view of a stately home that has seen better times... Like the building, the original painting has been destroyed (it was cannibalised and subsumed into another painting) so there's just this one photographic record. Ah, such sweet melancholy memories...

'Teasel Barn' - acrylics on wood panel (122cm x 76cm) 
Another imagined view, this is a typical scene that one might find in the county of Essex: a group of abandoned buildings with pan tile roofing, wooden clapboard sidings and old brickwork. All overgrown with weeds, wild flowers and Teasel plants.

'The MacKenty Shack' - acrylics on canvas (61cm x 61cm) 
I was fortunate enough to spend some time at Martha's Vineyard in New England a couple of years ago. It was absolutely delightful. This is a painting of an old shack that was on the property of my kind hosts.

'Abandoned Church' - acrylics on paper (46cm x 30cm) 
One of a series of more fanciful ruins from the imagination, although certainly influenced by old photographs of war-torn Europe (WW2) with a dash of Caspar Friedrich thrown in for good measure!

'The Secret Room' - inks & acrylics on mounted paper (20cm x 16cm) 
This small monochrome painting is based on a view sketched in Venice. This place is heaven if you want to indulge in old exposed brickwork, crumbling walls with layers of peeling paint and light reflected from water in the canals. Actually, that sounds a bit like my bathroom at home too.

A little study of the corner of an old outhouse. I extended this image further in the digital painting below:

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Monday, 25 July 2011

The whimsical landscape

'The Forest in the Shed' - inks & acrylics (diptych 38cm x 20cm)

Two more images from 'The Forest in the Shed' project, also in inks and acrylics:

The general theme of dereliction continues. I'm a real sucker for abandoned and ruined buildings(!)
'The Lost Palace' - acrylics on paper (40cm x 30cm) 

'Forgotten Chapel' - acrylics on paper (46cm x 30cm)

Ruins on a post-apocalyptic scale the shed. 
'The Badlands' - acrylics on paper (56cm x 38cm)

Back to dereliction on a slightly smaller scale.... 
'The House that broke its back' - acrylics on paper (30cm x 25cm)

Enough of ruined buildings for the moment... I promise.
'Graveyard Shift' - acrylics on paper (30cm x 25cm)

'The Great Escape' - inks & acrylics on paper (40cm x 30cm) 

'The Old Bicycle' - oils on paper (40cm x 30cm) 

OK, it must be time for another derelict building by now?
'bunnies of the living dead' - inks & acrylics on paper (40cm x 30cm)

Detail view from 'Bunnies of the living dead' courtesy of Bunnycam

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Sunday, 17 July 2011

A bird in the hand...

Ten bird paintings for your viewing pleasure!

This work is part of a series of bird and animal portraits that were carried out in a traditional style with acrylics on canvas. My source material was numerous photographs that I'd taken of the various birds as well as sketches. I've only painted birds that I've had an opportunity to get up close to and study. The habitats are invented but remain sympathetic to the bird's natural environment in most cases.

'Ara Chloropterus' - acrylics on canvas (51cm x 41cm)

'Blue & Yellow Macaw' - acrylics on canvas (51cm x 41cm)

'Red Buzzard' - acrylics on canvas (51cm x 41cm)

'Buzzard' - acrylics on canvas (61cm x 46cm)

'Eagle Owl' - acrylics on canvas (61cm x 46cm) 

'Steppe Eagle' - acrylics on canvas (76cm x 51cm)

'Booted Eagle' - acrylics on canvas (76cm x 76cm)

And now, perhaps on a slightly less exotic note than raptors and parrots, three poultry paintings!

'Rooster' - acrylics on canvas (61cm x 46cm)

'Scotts Grey' - acrylics on canvas (61cm x 46cm)

'Turkey' - acrylics on canvas (76cm x 51cm)

Beauty really is in the eye of the female turkeys this is drop dead gorgeous.

All images copyright Manfred Hennessy. 
All rights reserved.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Have sketchbook, will travel.

I often feel self-conscious and a little awkward when drawing and painting out of doors but absolutely love the opportunity. It's always a bit odd when people sidle up and peer over my shoulder but that has to be accepted as part of the whole thing. Outside of the studio there is nowhere to hide!
Conspicuous? Me? Surely not.

Looking across the Bosphorus to the Galata Tower in Istanbul, Turkey.

Another view of Istanbul painted in situ.

A run-down backstreet with derelict buildings in Istanbul.

Another street scene in Istanbul.

Sketching on the Bosphorus, Istanbul

A light snack and animated conversation about the nature of life and art with a Turkish gentleman. I speak no Turkish and he spoke no English but that didn't seem to get in the way much.

 This was painted in fading light on the southern coast of Turkey (near Fethiye).

Ancient Roman ruins on the Turkish coastline (painted from the deck of a boat).

These sketches were done standing on Main Street, Montpelier, Vermont USA.

A quick sketch of a house in Transylvania. Speed is of the essence when you're in vampire country.

sketched on the beach under chalk cliffs in Dorset, UK.

Painted at Stair Hole, near Lulworth Cove on the Dorset coast. 

The view from a bed and breakfast window in Lyme Regis, Dorset.

Painted in the New Forest, Hampshire, UK.

Glastonbury Tor in Somerset, UK.

Sketches of fishing boats on the beach at Hastings, UK.

Much closer to home (for me): a quick scribble-sketch in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, UK.

A rowing boat on the beach at Leigh-on-Sea.

Looking across the Thames Estuary from Leigh Marshes.

Painting at Leigh Marshes. Cool socks eh?

Many thanks to my lovely wife, Louisa, for her photographs of 'the artist in situ'!

All images copyright Manfred Hennessy. 
All rights reserved.