Sunday, 26 June 2011

Oh I do love to be beside the seaside...

I consider myself to be very lucky to live in a seaside town and have had an ongoing love affair with English seaside towns (real and imaginary) for as long as I can remember. Here are a few selected paintings to prove the point...

'The Seasonal Visitor' 
inks & acrylics on paper (40cm x 30cm)
Unfortunately for the locals, some of the small fishing villages on the south coast experience regular problems with unwanted visitors during the summer months.

'Coastal Town'
acrylics on wood panel (70cm x 40cm)
Very much an imaginary place. You can probably see that of course! This painting belongs to an insurance broker and I do sometimes wonder how much it has been insured for... loads I should think ;0)

'The Bridge'
acrylics on canvas (50cm x 38cm)
If you look right now you'll see me going past on my bicycle...

'Tales of a Sea Chicken'
acrylics on paper (50cm x 40cm)
OK, I've got a thing about chickens (and ladders) too. So here's a seaside town and a chicken and a ladder. Does it get any better than this?

'A Bird's Eye View'
acrylics on wood panel (100cm x 88cm)
All the best English seaside towns should have a ruined castle! Again, this is an entirely fictitious view of an imaginary place but I like to think that there's a little bit of 'truth' in there somewhere. This is quite a large scale painting with a lot of detail. Actually so much detail I completely dried up half way through and abandoned the unfinished painting several years ago. I did not know that my son Ivan, had quietly removed the picture for safe-keeping (I'm a destroyer as well as a creator) and returned it to me last year judging that I might be in a mood to complete it. I'm very pleased that he did, a few alterations were made, the detail was finished and everything worked out well in the end.

'As Far as the Eye Can See'
oils on wood panel (90cm x 90cm)
A rare image (for me) that faces away from the seaside town and looks out to sea instead.

'Thundery Showers'
acrylics on paper (21cm x 20cm)
A small painting, from last week, of houses at Robin Hood's Bay in Yorkshire. My wife and I (and our little white dog) have just returned from a few days in North Yorkshire. You can see what the weather was like.

Finally, a very short animation with a seaside theme. Please think of this as a moving picture. It is definitely not a film with a heart-wrenching plot, thoughtful character development and a stunning climax, it is just a small beach scene (with sound) set in Hastings.

'The Fisherman's Catch'
That's All Folks!

All images copyright Manfred Hennessy. 
All rights reserved.

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